The SX-2e is a task-specific soil stabilizer with a rear mount cutter designed to perform small to medium sized projects with ease and reliability. The machine’s 380 hp (283 kW) is carefully distributed to conduct quality results in a number of project environments. The SX-2e cutter housing is positioned behind the tractor for excellent mobility. A high efficiency hydrostatic drum drive powers the cutter drum.


Weight and Dimensions
  • Shipping Length: Ft (mm)29′ 7″ (9017)
  • Shipping Height (w/ Fixed Cab)Ft (mm)11′ 3″ (3429)
  • Shipping Width: Ft (mm)7′ 11″ (2413)
Service Capacities
  • Fuel Tank: Gal (l)170 (644)
  • Hydraulic Tank: Gal (l)80 (303)
Cutter System
  • Max Cut Width: in (mm)78 (2000)
  • Max Cut Depth: in (mm)18 (457)
  • Drum Diameter: in (mm)50 (1270)
  • Cutter Speed rpm: Variable 80-160