Transfer Conveyors

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  • Overland1

    Superior Overland Conveyor


    • Custom engineered based on terrain, material, density, length and tons per hour.
    • Thicker channel construction requires fewer supports resulting in quicker installation.
    • Equipped with Superior branded conveyor components.
    • Replace trucks to reduce emissions by up to 98% a day.
    • Compared to trucks, conveyors operate at maximum efficiency every hour of the day.

  • Zipline-6

    Superior Zipline™ Conveyor

    • Modular, pre-engineered overland conveyor systems.
    • Quick, toolless installation of intermediate channel sections and idlers.
    • Accommodates off-the-shelf, easy to source conveyor idlers.
    • A lower cost alternative to highly engineered, custom overland systems.

  • Trailblazer1

    Superior Trailblazer® Conveyor


    • Experienced crews can set up 500-foot package in as little as an hour.
    • Compared to (8) transfers, this unit requires one power supply, reducing power by 85%.
    • This unit has one belt and one transfer point, greatly reducing maintenance.
    • Exclusively manufactured by Superior Industries with a technology patent pending.

  • Stackables1

    Superior Stackable Conveyors


    • Transport several conveyors on one trailer to save on freight.
    • Stackable units perform multiple functions including transferring and stockpiling.
    • High quality welds and durable designs create a well-recognized brand with high resale value.

  • Slide-Pac1

    Superior Slide-Pac™ Conveyors


    • Consists of three portable transfer conveyors.
    • Slide or rolling technology eliminates dangerous and damaging lifting of conveyors.
    • Setup or dismantle three conveyors in 10 minutes or less.
    • Ship up to 240-feet of transfer conveyors in one load.
    • Slide-Stac version available with two portable transfer conveyors and one stacking conveyor.

  • Jump-Conveyor-1

    Superior Jump/Grasshopper

    • Easily shift in and out of production depending on transfer distance requirement.
    • Adjustable height discharge for more accurate, on target feeding.
    • Engineered truss designs extends conveyor life and withstands constant repositioning.
    • Adjustable tail end support keeps conveyor clear from any load zone debris.


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