Cold in Place Recycling

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  • Roadtec RX-700e/ex & RX-900e/ex

    Both the RX-700e/ex and RX-900e/ex milling machines can be equipped with bolt-on packages that allow them to be used for Cold-In-Place Recycle (CIR). Since both machines are bi-directional, meaning that they can cut in forward or reverse, it's easy to switch to a down cut configuration. Simply work in reverse. Down cutting improves the control of material sizing and is advantageous in CIR applications. An additive spray bar is mounted on the cutter housing to inject emulsion or foamed asphalt into the cutter housing. The additive is then thoroughly blended with the milled material by the cutter drum and can be left in a windrow or fed by the conveyor directly into a paver.