Asphalt Curber

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  • Salsco Cobra Curber

    The Cobra Curbers have oversized hoppers which are compatible with a standard size wheelbarrow or a loader such as the Salsco Side Dump Bucket. 13HP Honda, Electric Start or Pull Start Engines power these units, and it is fully enclosed. Both Cobra Curbers are self-propelled and easy to steer. Hand brake is standard to hold the unit back on steep inclines. Both units have nine wheels for stability, and each set of three wheels are easily adjusted for height to accommodate terrain with vertically mounted front hand cranks.

    6″ Cast Auger is standard, and many different molds are available as standard. An optional 4″ cast auger is also available to accomodate 4″ molds. Salsco can even provide you with a custom mold if required.

    The Under the Rail Cobra Curber makes laying curb under guard rails simple and efficient.