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  • Gomaco C-450 Finisher

    Pin-connected sections provide fast setup time and the versatility to fit exact job requirements. The C-450 frame widths range from 12 feet (3.66 m) to 104 feet (31.7 m), with transitional framework attached.

    Bridge Deck Finishing
    GOMACO has the proven bridge deck finishers. All-welded steel construction provides the sturdiest, yet most lightweight finishers on the market.

    Strictest Tolerances
    GOMACO finishers assure you less than one-eighth inch (3 mm) tolerance in 12 feet (3.66 m) while finishing high-slump or low-slump concrete.

    Crown Adjustment
    GOMACO offers optional hydraulic power transition adjusters (PTAs) for on-the-go crown elevation changes made from the operator’s console. PTAs may be installed at pinconnected points.

  • Gomaco High Production Screed

    Key Features

    • GOMACO’s high-production, truss-mounted screed, for paving of bridge decks, flat slabs, and concrete floors.
    • The revolutionary high-production screed has an auger, finishing cylinder, and trailing screed in series to finish the concrete in one pass
    • The 5.7 foot (1.74 m) long auger can advance as much as four feet (1.22 m) in a single pass.
    • The C-450 and high-production screed can be controlled by a touchscreen on ground level. With the operator being at ground level, they can view exactly what the machine and high-production screed is producing so they can control how far to advance it or what changes need made during the paving process.