TWS offer a complete tailored solution for water treatment and management, Terex Washing Systems provides a complete range of filter presses, flocculent dosing systems and thickening tanks.



Thickeners also known as silos, silos are based on the principle of static decantation and the natural precipitation of suspended solid particles. They speed up the clarification process through perfectlysized silos, with a thrust cone and a water column which presses the sludge, and the use of an appropriate polyelectrolyte (flocculent). The high performance thickener was developed to fulfil the role of a thickener/reactor as well as a clarifier. TWS provide thickeners that deliver manageable sludge/paste without the need for rakes, pumps or motors making them one of the most efficient thickeners on the market.


Key Benefits

. Thick sludge (over 50% solids)
. Reduced costs for concrete basement (small footprint)
. Extra stock for sludge
. Low operating cost with minimum flocculent consumption
. Non moving parts
. No extraction pump
. No Maintenance costs
. Combined thickening and clarification