Size of Tank:
7.5m (24' 7″) x 2.2m (7' 4″)
No. of Paddles / Blades:
8 Paddles 152 Blades
Size of Motors / Gearbox:
2 x 45kw (60hp) + on PS 200R 2 x 1.2kw 2 x 4.2kw


• Designed to produce cleaner material at a faster rate
• Specifically designed to work in the recycling industry, its versatility and design enables it to be easily adapted to work in gravel applications
• Consists of a trough and two spiral axles running counter to one another with exchangeable blades which intensively mix the feed material
• Water used in this process is recirculated to a water treatment facility

PS 200 PS 200R
Working Length (Inc. walkway) 16.8m (55′ 2″) 15.6m (51′ 2″)
Working Width (Inc. walkway) 4.7m (15′ 5″) 3.8m (12′ 4 “)
Working Height 5.9m (19′ 4″) 5.4m (17′ 8″)
Feed Height 5.5m (18′) 5.4m (18′ 8″)
Product Discharge Height 6 X 2 – 1.9m (6′ 2″)  8 X 4 2M (6′ 5″) 3.2m (10′ 4″)
Wast Water Discharge Height N/A 2.7m (8′ 8″)

Features & Benefits

• Two high output planetary drive gearboxes, directly driving two interlinked counter-rotating axles, which perform the scrubbing action
• Interchangeable high tensile blades
• The material forms a bed in the hull, preventing wear in the steel trough
• The lower bearings are fresh water flushed to prevent wear or damage from small particles
• The machines are fitted with an elevated spray bar system, which constantly adds water to the material. This washes the material and encourages lighter particles to float through the water exit
• Full length walkway and steps, fitted around 2 sides of the machine, for ease of access and to view production
• 4 lifting points firmly attached to the sides of the hull for carriage when required
• Large inlet chute with bolt in breaker bar and rubber lining
• Rubber lined catchboxes and outlet chutes
• Versatility and design enables it to be easily adapted to work in gravel applications
• Hull designed to reduce material build up in the trough
• Low water consumption
• Remote greasing to all bearings
• Heavy-duty robust construction ideal for rugged operating environments
• High capacity throughput, typically up to 200mtph
• Freshwater inlet 4” nipple

• Custom height galvanized structure
• Electric control panel
• Standard logwasher on skid frame