Multiple ScreensNumber of Products:
6Water Requirement:
100 – 190 m3 per hour



The Terex® Aggwash 60-1 and 60-2 are a new modular wash plant that brings together for the first time rinsing, screening, scrubbing and sand washing capabilities on a single transportable chassis.
Primarily designed for the processing of construction and demolition waste but equally suited to virgin material applications. The Aggwash 60-1 / 60-2 is capable of producing four grades of aggregate and up to two grades of sand at up to 70 tonnes per hour.
The Aggwash was Winner of the 2010 World Demolition Awards.

Aggwash 60-1 Weight (EST)                     28,600 kgs (63,100 lbs)
Working Width                   2.7m (8’8”)
Working Length                16.2m (53’3”)
Working Height                 3.63m (11’4”)
Aggwash 60-2 Weight (EST)                    29,000 kgs (63,930 lbs)
Working Width                  2.7m (8’8”)
Working Length               16.2m (53’3”)
Working Height                 3.63m (11’4”)


Features & Benefits

• Rinsing, screening, scrubbing and sand processing on a single transportable chassis
• Produces 4 grades of aggregate and up to 2 grades of sand at up to 70tph
• Fully modular, pre-wired and pre-plumbed
• Removal of trash and ferrous metals
• Fully electric powered complete with control panel
• Heavy duty robust construction, ideal for ruggedoperating environments
• Quick set-up time (approximately 1 day)
• Remote greasing to all bearings
• Environmentally friendly with zero exhaust emissions
• Modular polyurethane screen decks
• Spray bars with wide jet nozzles
• Spray bars isolated from screen
• Feed height 5.0m (16’ 4”)
• High performance vibratory motors
• Rubber lined pump and cyclone
• Low water usage

• Adjustable logwasher hull angle and weirs

• Oversize protection deck
• High degree isolation mounts
• Telescopic conveyors for increased stockpile height
• Inline screw filter
• Twin sand

Other Machine options

• Modular Pre-screen with integral protection deck & wash box
• Modular 2 deck sizing screen
• Telescopic stockpile conveyors
• Over band magnet

Other Meda Options

• Various polyurethane modular mats apertures available
• Powerscrub: Interchangeable blades & paddles