• Reduced drop height maintains tight clearance between conveyor and vessel.
  • Mobility combined with telescopic technology allows users to fill multiple hatches from one feed point.
  • Maintaining a single feed point reduces constant relocation, speeding the loading process.
  • In addition, the conveyor's luffing action allows it to adjust to tides and diverse ship sizes.
  • At rates up to 5,000 tons per hour, we manufacture the highest capacity radial telescopic conveyor.
  • This versatile machine performs numerous functions including loading, unloading and stockpiling.

Product Description

Pulley Centers (Extended) 175′ – 8″
Pulley Centers (Retracted) 145′ – 0″
Conveyor Ground Length (Raised/Extended) 164′ – 10″
Conveyor Ground Length (Lowered/Retracted) 141′ – 3″
Ground to Pulley Center Height (Raised/Extended) 63′ – 0″
Ground to Pulley Center Height (Lowered) 26′ – 0″
Tail Pulley to Axle 75′ – 3″
Belt Speed 400 FPM
Max Tons Per Hour 500 TPH