• Custom engineered based on terrain, material, density, length and tons per hour.
  • Thicker channel construction requires fewer supports resulting in quicker installation.
  • Equipped with Superior branded conveyor components.
  • Replace trucks to reduce emissions by up to 98% a day.
  • Compared to trucks, conveyors operate at maximum efficiency every hour of the day.

Product Description


  • Determined by length and capacity.

Intermediate Frames

  • Truss Frame
  • Channel Frame


  • Scissors
  • Tower

Supports (Channel frame only).

  • 22-inch High
  • 4-foot High


  • Troughing/Carry
  • Return/Bottom
  • Belt Aligners

Load Area

  • Steel Rolls
  • Impact Rolls
  • Sealing System
  • Impact Bed


  • Belt Covers
  • E-Stop
  • Navigator® Return Trainer
  • SonicScout Material Sensor