Key Specifications
Screen Box 14' x 5' / 4.26 x 1.5m
Engine C4.4 75kW / 100hp
Transport Length 15.34m / 50' 4″
Transport Width 3m / 9' 10″
Transport Height 3.4m / 11' 2″
Weight 27,000kg / 59,635lbs


Our QA331 Mobile screener has been designed to be robust and highly durable. It is a very versatile screener and has been proven to be an ideal solution for recycling applications and for the contractor market.

The QA331 incorporates a 14′ x 5′ / 4.25 x 1.5m two bearing screen box with a unique 6º screening angle built into the bottom for ultimate fines screening. The screenbox also delivers a uniquely aggressive vibrating action with over 1000 rppm. Our QA331 offers you a highly efficient and productive solution designed with your needs in mind. It has a user-friendly folding platform fitted as standard around the screenbox, providing you with easy access for maintenance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Screenbox throw adjustable from 5 – 8mm / 0.2 – 0.3″ for precise control
  • Wrap around hydraulically folding walkways for operator safety
  • Screenbox angle is adjustable and ranges from 24º to 35º
  • Hydraulically retractable main conveyor, which optimises product delivery for every screen angle
  • Designed for optimum fuel economy to lower your operating costs