Key specifications
Total weight 14300 kg / 31500 lbs
Max permitted power 220 kW / 245 hp
Capacity 65-415 tph/td>
CSS range 8-44 mm / 0,3-1,7 in
Max feed size 38-215 mm 1,5-8,5 in


Our CH440 Cone crusher is of advanced design with a small footprint and high capacity in relation to size. The CH440 offers high reduction efficiency and very good product shape.

With hydraulically adjustable CSS, the option of automation, a choice of several different crushing chambers, and many other high-performance features, the CH440 Cone crusher is versatile, user-friendly and highly productive.

The CH440 Cone crusher can be matched to changes in production through the selection of crushing chamber and eccentric throw. Our cone crushers are ideal for secondary and tertiary crushing and the compact and easy-to-service design also makes them a perfect choice for mobile installations.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent versatility due to a wide range of chambers with different feed acceptance
  • Adjustable throw give the possibility to fine tune the performance to match the desired need
  • Full control of the process
  • Easy to maintain
  • Extremely reliable

Several standard crushing chambers are available for each model. The crushers can easily be matched to changes in production by selecting the right chamber and eccentric throw. The chambers available are:
EF = Extra fine
F = Fine
MF = Medium fine
M = Medium
MC = Medium coarse
C = Coarse
EC = Extra coarse

CH440 Cone crusher maximises uptime

Our sophisticated HYDRO-CONE™ technique enables you to run your crusher at maximum performance levels under changing feed conditions without overloading the crusher. Together with our automatic control system you will have a crusher which safely maximizes operational uptime.

The Hydroset system also helps keep your crusher up and running. With an automatic overload protection system as standard the CH440 is protected against uncrushable material. And the CH440 Cone crusher combines heavy-duty design with Constant Liner Performance (CLP). The almost vertical profile of the feed opening area means that the shape of the chamber remains virtually unchanged throughout the wearing life. The CLP crushing chambers in combination with high motor power gives the CH440 capacities which are in most cases comparable with larger crushers. All with increased liner life and lowest total cost.

CH440 Cone crusher offers full control of the process

When the CH440 cone crusher is equipped with our automatic setting system it automatically adapts the crusher to variations in feed conditions. By continuously measuring and compensating for crusher liner wear, the automation system allows you to fully utilize crusher liners and schedule liner replacements to coincide with planned maintenance stops. It also assists in keeping your crusher choke fed. This maximizes rock-on-rock crushing, which helps to optimize the quality of your final product.

Much attention has been paid to making the crusher as easy to operate and maintain as possible. All service and inspection is carried out from above, which makes the work easier and the maintenance costs lower. Robust sealing to the inner crusher mechanics provides more effective protection against dust and other unwanted particles – reducing maintenance and increasing the life of the crusher. If you need any advice regarding product selection or technical support, please contact a member of our team.