The SP-200 Spray Paver sprays tack and applies hot mix asphalt seconds later. Combining spraying and laydown produces a high-quality mat with a strong bond between layers. A spray bar just in front of the paver’s auger distributes the liquid through computer-controlled, self-cleaning valves. An onboard microprocessor precisely controls the rate of flow. Valves can also be controlled manually. Valves are arranged in sets of three, providing plenty of spray capacity so you can move fast. To cut down on refill stops, the SP-200 is equipped with a 2,100 gallon tack tank, the largest tank available on the market today.



Weight and Dimensions
  • Shipping length of tractor only: Feet (m)23′ (7)
  • Shipping length with rear mount screed: Feet (m)27′ (8.2)
  • Shipping width: Feet (m)11’4″ (3.46)
  • Shipping height: Feet (m)10′ 3″ (3.12)
  • Tractor Operating Width: Feet (m)11′ 4″ (3.46)
  • Deck Height: Feet (m)6′ 7″ (2.04)
  • Weight with front mounted screed: lbs (kg)65,000 (28,350)
  • Weight with rear mounted screed: lbs (kg)Eagle-10 – 65,000 (29,483)
Service Capacities
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity: Gal (liters)81 (307)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: Gal (liters)145 (549)
  • Product Tank: Gal (liters)2,100 (7,949)
  • Final Drive: 2 spd.
  • Number of Drive Pumps: 2
  • Number of Drive Motors: 2
  • Paving speed: fpm (mpm)to 168 (51)
  • Travel speed: mph (kph)to 3.6 (5.8)
  • Steering: Joystick
  • Controls movement: Hydraulic swing
  • Suspension: Steel Track
Feed System
  • Hopper / cu. ft. (cu. m)Ton (mt)11 (10)
  • Feed Control: Gravity Fed Hopper
  • Auger Diameter: Inches (mm)14″ (356)
  • Minimum auger height: 2″ (51)