The Roadtec Shuttle Buggy® material transfer vehicle SB-1500 features a low weight and narrower wheel base. It can store up to 15 tons (13.6 mt) of asphalt mix, allowing haul vehicles to unload as soon as they arrive. This substantially reduces trucking costs. The SB-1500 features an end dump hopper or an optional windrow pickup head. It also features the patented anti-segregation auger which remixes materials for control of aggregate and temperature segregation.


Weight and Dimensions
  • Shipping Weight: Lbs (kg) 67,240 (30,500)
  • Operating Length: Feet & Inches (mm) 52′ 8″ (16066)
  • Shipping Width: Feet & Inches (mm) 9′ 9″ (2980)
  • Shipping height: Feet & Inches (mm) 12′ (3658)
Service Capacities
  • Hydraulic Tank: Gal (liters) 80 (416)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: Gal (liters) 110 (416)