Accuracy 0 +/-1% or better
In-motion weighing Yes
Bouncing and speed compensator Yes
Real time bucket Tip Off Yes
Guided calibration Yes
Numerous number of calibrations Yes
Auto-Add Yes
Auto-Power On/Auto Shutdown Yes



Vibration and shock tested at 40 G
Salty environment tested Yes
Extreme high and low temperature tested Yes
All cables are protected ensuring durability Yes
ISO 13766 earthmoving machinery Yes
ISO 14982 agriculture and forest machinery Yes
EN 61326 measuring devices Yes
EN 50498 vehicle instrumentation Yes


Unit of mass conversion Yes
Optional TrackWeight cellular Yes
Optional RF modem Yes
Optional Wi-Fi modem Yes
Optional USB Upgrade to Helper X Yes
Optional iPot 5 web base software Yes
More features are available. Contact your RMT Master dealer for more information.
Products Yes
Customers + address Yes
Operator IDs Yes
Included USB data transfer Yes
Loading in progress Yes
Loading site name Yes


With accurate, at-a-glance onboard weiging and payload monitoring, fleet operators have more control of loading operations to drive down haul costs and improve productivity.

Data Management:

  • 30 products
  • 5 customers
  • 10 targets
  • 20 operator IDs


Our new two-in-one interface combines the original Millennium keypad setup with a new numeric key format – users can now choose between using the familiar control or quick keystrokes. Moreover, it is fully compatible with previous VEI generations and upgrade is easy.

Visibility is a key factor for an operator. The size of our monitor in conjunction with our articulated bracket makes it easy to position for every operator using the Millennium 5 loader scale. Buttons are large and ‘’bumpy’’ making them easy to use, even with gloves!


VEI onboard scales are in use on all types of machines in a wide range of industries. In every application, our scales deliver the most accurate information possible to achieve better optimization of your loadouts, production processes, sales analysis, inventory updates, truck-load optimization and loader productivity. Simple and straightforward to install, scales will fit perfectly into your equipment with easy setups by factory-trained RMT technicians or your own personnel. Local support from RMT is always nearby to help you out. Easily transfer your VEI scales from one machine to another or use multiple buckets or forks – they are durable and designed to last!

  1. Monitor in cab
  2. Contact-free weighing zone sensor
  3. Load sensors to know the lifting pressure


New VPrint is faster and smaller and it has the advantage of clipping under the monitor or mounting separately, if needed. Different types of reports are available and the thermal technology makes every ticket crystal clear. With fewer components than before, our new VPrint from VEI makes your business more efficient and makes you look professional!


If you need more data management capabilities, iPot is now available from the web. This new portal is available for a low monthly fee allowing you to manage your products and customer lists and upload them to your VEI loader scale.

The DLogger memory stick allows loading data to be stored into it and then uploaded into the iPot Lite PC software. This is an easy option in your pocket that keeps your business always up-to-date.


  • Generate special reports with dates and special selections
  • Program all the fields for a VEI Millennium 5 or Helper X and upload the file using a USB stick
  • Backup your loader scale completely for safe-keeping
  • Download over the air using TrackWeight cellular system
  • Download over the air using Wi-Fi router (available soon)
  • More features will be available soon!

Only available with VEI Millennium 5 and Helper X systems.


With TrackWeight Mobile, you also get a web account to access your loader scale data 24/7!

Packed with features, it gives you the following possibilities:

  • Send your day-to-day production to key managers by email automatically
  • Easy-to-use automated process
  • All the info printed on your loading ticket is sent to you.
  • Track missing ticket printouts!
  • Faster invoicing due to real-time weighing data access
  • All the loader production sent by email, everyday
  • Installation can be done by your local VEI dealer or by you


  • Canada
  • USA
  • Some areas may have limited cellular coverage.
    Contact RMT to see if your area is covered.

Kit Includes

  • TrackWeight Mobile Cellular module
  • Monthly data transfer package
  • Power and Communication cables
  • Antenna